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Rafiki Foundation  |  God's Word at Work

Welcome, Conference Viewers!

Bringing Classical Christian Education to the World

Greetings! Thank you for your interest in the Rafiki Foundation and the Rafiki Education System. At Rafiki, we have experienced the benefits of classical Christian education firsthand in Africa. Every day, our students are encouraged to love and explore the truths God reveals in Scripture and the natural world.

View the video below for a glimpse of life and education in our Rafiki Villages.

Serve With Us

Long-Term Opportunities (2 years or more)

Train others and oversee:

  • a model school
  • a teacher training college
  • 10-20 church schools in using the Rafiki Education System
  • the music, arts, agriculture, or athletics programs
  • a Village operation
Short-Term Opportunities (2 weeks to 1 year)

Assist in a Rafiki Village by:

  • teaching or tutoring in our school
  • working in our teachers college
  • helping church schools implement the Rafiki Education System
  • training in our music, arts, agriculture or athletics program
       ...and so much more

Our Bible Study

Originally written by eighteen notable theologians over a period of thirteen years for English-speaking Africans, the lessons have been re-edited for worldwide use. Each lesson consists of printed notes with questions for discussion and a recommended commentary on the book of the Bible being studied. All sixty-six books of the Bible are available!

Rafiki Curriculum

The Rafiki Classical Christian Curriculum is a full-orbed, liberal arts educational system. From PreK-12th grade, Rafiki’s curriculum integrates key academic subjects, focusing on the great books of Western civilization, built on the foundation of God’s Word. Students’ minds and affections are fostered to consider what is true, good, and beautiful.

Donate to the Education Fund

Give to the Education Fund and help provide a classical Christian education to impoverished children from the communities surrounding our schools.

Widows Products

Throughout the 10 countries we work with there are over 15 million women whose husbands are either deceased or absent. These women are often ostracized from society. Unwanted, they have no way to provide for themselves or their children. Through the work of their hands these widows are making hand crafted products to both preserve their cultural traditions and as a source of income. Rafiki buys these products and brings them back to the United States to sell at our retail locations. Through this transaction women who otherwise could not find work can have a steady means of supporting their families. We hope you will come alongside us as we seek to obey the Epistle of James and care for widows and orphans. Every purchase you make insures that this work will continue and thousands more widows will be given hope for years to come.