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Rafiki Foundation  |  God's Word at Work

Child Sponsorship FAQs

Q: How much does it cost to sponsor a Rafiki student?

A: While we welcome donations of any amount to a student’s fund, we ask that you give a minimum of $25 per month to join a child’s sponsorship team and receive the benefits of a being a sponsor. If you wish to fully sponsor a child, you may give $250 per month for children in the Orphan Care Program, and $84 per month for day students.

Q: What can I expect as a sponsor?

A: When you begin sponsoring a new child, you will receive an informational card on your child and the benefits of sponsorship. You will then receive periodic updates on your child’s progress. The updates are sent via email or regular mail and include a short, handwritten report and prayer requests from the child, as well as a recent photo of him/her. You will also receive a Christmas card from your child each year. Should there be any major changes concerning your child, you will receive a letter from the Home Office to inform you about the situation.

Q: What benefits does a resident in the Orphan Care Program receive from sponsorship?

A: Residents in the Orphan Care Program are provided with a loving home and an excellent classical Christian education at the Rafiki Village, and they participate daily in the study of God’s Word. All funds given to their accounts go toward their care, which includes housing, food, clothing, supplies, medical care, and education from the day they arrive at the Rafiki Village until adulthood.

Q: What benefits does a day student receive from sponsorship?

A: Day students from the community receive an excellent classical Christian education at the Rafiki School either for free or for a fraction of the cost. They are also provided with two nutritious meals per day, as well as school supplies.

Q: Why do day students have aliases?

A: We have given each day student an alias for the privacy and protection of the child and his/her family since some of them live in sensitive regions.

Q: Besides giving, what can I do for my child?

A: One of the best things you can do for the children is pray for them. Pray that the biblical teaching they receive will take root in their hearts and be used by God to produce true faith and fruit. Pray for their physical and spiritual protection. Pray that they will grow in godliness and learn how to make wise choices. We also encourage you to build a relationship with your child by writing letters; each of them would love to hear from you!

Q: How can I contact my child?

A: We ask that all communication between children and sponsors go through Rafiki by writing letters and cards sent either to the Village address found on the child’s information card and sponsor reports or to the Home Office. Please do not make contact with your child digitally. We try our best to protect your digital contact information to ensure that you are not preyed upon with what may seem like a genuine plea for money from our children or others. We also screen all communication that goes to the children to ensure they are protected.

Q: What if my child makes a request (direct or implied) for money or help with meeting a need?

A: If you receive a request for money, either direct or implied, we ask that you either encourage your sponsored child to take his or her need to the Rafiki Missionaries, or you may contact Erica Robertson, ChildCare and Schools Manager (, and she will verify that the child’s needs are genuine and use the already established structure for meeting them. Rafiki’s Orphan Care Program provides for all the needs of the children.

Q: What can I mail to my child?

You may send cards, letters, photos, or anything else that fits in a standard size envelope. The children really enjoy receiving items such as stickers and bookmarks. Please do not send packages or money to Africa, as they could incur customs and collections fees upon arrival in the country that may exceed the value of the contents.

Q: How can I send a gift or something larger than stickers/bookmarks to my sponsored child?

A: If you would like to contribute extra money ($20 per year) to your child for birthday and Christmas gifts, that will help cover the cost for the Rafiki Village to purchase something locally. All children get gifts of the same amount from their sponsors to provide equity between them. If you want to send something special, send pictures of your family or interesting places you see and visit. The children love to learn more about your life!

Q: How far in advance should I send birthday and Christmas cards?

A: This varies from country to country. A good rule of thumb would be four to six weeks in advance; however, we cannot predict exactly how long a specific card will take. The children enjoy receiving them even if they come after the intended date, so send them anyway!

Q: Are the handwritten reports actually written by the child himself or herself?

A: Yes, the handwritten reports were composed and penned by the child you sponsor. They write the report content in response to a prompt or question they have been asked, and their prayer requests are all from their own hearts and minds. The only exceptions to this are a few children with significant learning struggles whose Rafiki Mothers wrote on their behalf, but that was noted in the report in those cases.

If you are interested Click Here to sponsor a child.