Cindy and Larry Renner

Cindy and Larry Renner
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  • Mzuzu, Malawi
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Daily Prayer Topics

  • Sunday — That we would be able to rest in the knowledge that God’s strength is enough to carry us through any situation (Psalm 33:16-17)
  • Monday — Wisdom to know how to teach, guide, and discipline the children so they live productive lives and grow strong in love for and knowledge of God (Exodus 31:3)
  • Tuesday — To understand the Malawian culture better, so we can help the Rafiki Village function smoothly and deal wisely and fairly with the staff and community
  • Wednesday — That the Malawi missionaries and all the children stay emotionally and physically healthy, and continue to grow spiritually (Psalm 119: 33-40)
  • Thursday — Protection for Rafiki Missionaries and children from accidents, illnesses, and dangerous situations (Psalm 18:2)
  • Friday — Help and protection for our family in the states
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1018
Mzuzu, Malawi

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Latest Article: Mar.  2018

One of our fondest dreams is that dear friends and family from “back home” would someday come here to visit us and get to meet our wonderful children and staff. Through these quarterly newsletters we have tried to paint a picture of what daily life is like for us on the Village, the beauty of our surroundings, the wonders and uniqueness of this culture.

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P.S. From the Home Office: The Renners are currently at 38% of the funding needed for their current term #3 (January 2018 – December 2019).